CADEXE offers you the possibility of reading and publishing your projects in DWG format, the universal CAD format. Its interoperability, with many file formats supported, makes CADexe the optimal solution.

Complete, it will meet your needs in any phase of a project, from edition to the final documents presentation.

If you are Architect, Designer, or other building professional, this software gives you a total freedom of design in 2D (Design) and 3D (Solid)
and allows you to import and work on many different CAD file formats. However it is a native DWG application. 


and all will be potentially compatible with the exchange format DWG. However the complexity of these software require a consequent time of training and are moreover there


CADEXE is a ready-to-use solution as it is easy to handle and you will not need long training to be productive as many softwares on the market due to their complexity.






CADEXE , a full DWG solution, at a reasonable price !